Who doesn't love to have a nice meal or drink outside while the weather is nice? Your dog would love to get outside just as much as you do - probably even more! And what's better than bringing your furry companion along for a nice lunch at your favorite dining spot out on the patio? It was one of my favorite things to do when I had a dog.

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NJ.com put out a list of "28 Dog-friendly NJ restaurants and bars," and there are a ton of them in the Central Jersey area!

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But before you bring your pooch along, it's important for both of your to know your proper etiquette for bringing your dog to a restaurant.

Here are some important tips from Reader's Digest:

Photo by Anders Ipsen on Unsplash
Photo by Anders Ipsen on Unsplash
  • Know your dog. Of course you know your dog, but you also need to be aware of how sensitive they are to outside surroundings and other people. Be honest with yourself here. Dogs can be perfect angels at home, but temperaments can change in public if they're aggressive, territorial, easily startled, bark a lot, are high energy, or need a lot of attention.
  • Know the restaurant. Yes, we're providing this list, but it can never hurt to call ahead and double check to make sure they're accommodating - especially if you've never been to a certain restaurant before.
  • Pick a corner table outside. Location, location, location. If you can, grab a spot with a little more space so that your dog isn't too close to other patrons.
  • Use a harness and a short leash. "Retractable leashes and long “tie-outs” are a health hazard and can cause trips, entanglements, and rope burns," according to RD.
  • Don't tie the leash to the table. Tie your dog's leash to the chair you're sitting in, or keep it wrapped around your wrist.
  • Feed your dog beforehand and bring treats. This will be a deterrent for your dog begging for table scraps. Feeding them treats will keep them occupied and happy!
  • Bring a water bowl. Especially in warm weather!

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