Yep, it rained on Route 3 West in East Rutherford, NJ this morning, and I'm not talking about precipitation from the clouds in the sky.

A Brink's armored truck was spilling out money all over the highway this morning in North New Jersey. Which, of course means people hopped out of their vehicles to collect. Which also means that multiple car crashes occurred.

That's actually insane.

According to one person on Instagram said, “One-hundred dollar bills flying everywhere, and people are making BANK.” Wow.

The East Rutherford police commented, “We don’t know how much was lost," "They’re doing an audit now.”

Multiple videos were posted to social media catching this frenzy in action. Vehicles pulled to the side or just stopping in their lanes on both sides of the road and hopping out to catch the flying cash.

In you have any information to offer the investigating call police at 201-438-0165.

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