I love me a nice cold beer any time of the year. It can be a nice summer day or even a snowy day, the beer still tastes phenomenal.

What if the beer you drink makes you insanely rich? Well, more like a millionaire. That is crazy rich if you ask me.

Budweiser recently shared that they are trying to make one lucky person a millionaire. I can't say I am a big fan of Budweiser beers but I will start buying them if I can become a millionaire.

On the Budweiser website, we saw that if you find a gold Budweiser beer can you have to take a picture with it and post it on your Instagram using the hashtags #LiveLikeAKing & #Sweepstakes and also tag @budweiserusa.

That sounds easy but the question is, what are the odds of finding that gold can?

Say you never find a gold can and you really want to enter for the million dollars, you still can.

On the Budweiser website, the beer company shares a link where you can print your very own golden Budweiser beer can to be able to post on your Instagram feed.

There you have it. You don't have to buy a case of Budweiser to get that gold can. Something you may want to know is that these gold Budweiser cans are not just in any Budweiser pack. You must purchase the "SPECIALLY MARKED PACK," according to the Budweiser website.

Test your luck and maybe you can "Live Like A King" just like Budweiser says.

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