If you're looking to drink beer in the Philly area this summer, you may want to stock up right now.

Workers at three of the area's largest beer distributors have gone on strike, and experts are warning that the strike may have a HUGE effect on your plans to drink alcohol this summer.

The Teamsters Local 830 — the union representing thousands of employees in the beverage industry (including warehouse workers, drivers, and more) — went on strike Sunday against the Delaware Valley Importers Distribution Association, local media (including 6 ABC and CBS 3 report).

The union is demanding higher wages and better benefits for their workers.

In Pennsylvania, the strike impacts both Bucks County and Philadelphia. Services in Delaware, Montgomery, and Chester counties are also affected by the strike. Penn Beer Sales and Service, Origlio Beverage, and Muller, Inc. are the companies involved in the strike.

These companies distributor popular brands including Miller products, Coors, Budweiser, and White Claw.

Unfortunately for consumers, experts say that if the strike lasts for more than a week, it could have a significant impact on the industry. With less than two weeks to go until the busy Fourth of July holiday, here's a bit of a stark warning:

The beer aisle at your local grocery store could be empty pretty soon.

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“Compensation is always an issue, but what’s particularly problematic is the beverage companies’ proposed hours of work for our members – 12-hour shifts for five or six consecutive days. That’s excessive," Teamsters Local 830 Secretary-Treasurer Daniel H. Grace tells the media in a statement issued over the weekend.

The union acknowledged the upcoming holiday and busy season.

“The Delaware Valley Importers Distribution Association can end this impasse quickly by giving our members a fair contract, one that accounts for the runaway inflation in America and quality of life issues," Grace said. "Until then, however, we’ll remain on strike. Our resolve and solidarity are unshakable.”

Here's hoping this works out quickly!

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