As time goes on, businesses come and go, but it doesn’t mean we won’t miss them forever!

In Mercer County, NJ alone, there’s been a lot of construction and closing of businesses over a short amount of time.

A lot has changed and the changes have made us say goodbye to some of our favorite places. I put a poll up on my Facebook because I was curious which businesses that have come and gone still have people upset.

It apparently struck a nerve for more people than I thought it would, because everyone was coming together and reminiscing in the comments.

There were also a lot of talks about chain restaurants that are missed like Arby’s for starters.

I have no idea why there are no Arby’s in the county because everyone apparently loves it!


There was a lot of talk about businesses that personally made my list and some that I honestly haven’t heard of before. There was a comment about Romp Around that was the total 90’s/00s kid’s dream in a building.

It was a place in the Lawrence Shopping Center that was made just for kids to play in and a lot of people were feeling nostalgic about this one.



There were talks about Fashion Bug, Electric Playground, and also Pizza Hut all were a part of Mercer County that locals wish would come back.

I took the answers and narrowed it down to the most commented businesses that seriously need to be considered to make a comeback!


Mercer County Businesses We Miss

As time goes on, businesses come and go, but these are the businesses Mercer County, NJ, residents will always miss having around.

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