Oh boy, this isn't good news if you like shopping at buybuy Baby Princeton in the Nassau Park Pavilion shopping center...it's closing its doors for good.

I went to Home Goods yesterday (I know, you're shocked, aren't you? Lol) and on my way out of the shopping center I noticed a big red sign hanging on a store, so I drove over that way to investigate (I should have been a detective. Lol.).

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The sign said, "Store Closing Sale." Uh oh. But, it's only that location. The whole chain is NOT going out of business. Other locations close-ish to Mercer County are in Cherry Hill, Bridgewater and Woodbridge.

If you're wondering when the Princeton location's last day of business will be, that's not known yet. I spoke with an employee at the store and she said they haven't been told yet. Her guess was sometime in December. I'll let you know If I find out anything else.

I certainly hope the Princeton store employees are given the opportunity to transfer to another buybuy Baby location if they wish so they're not left out of work.

Back in 2007, buybuy Baby was acquired by Bed Bath & Beyond, which is struggling as well. The Lawrence location in Mercer Mall closed for good recently as well.

I reached out to their corporate office for more details, like their exact closing date, but, hadn't heard back as of press time.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a good deal on baby stuff or holiday gifts, now would be the time to get in there, shop the sale and save some money.

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