There have been proposals and even maybe a wedding or two at Wawa - but can love be found there among the breakfast sandwiches, self-serve lottery machines, and 35 different flavors of coffee?

South Jersey resident Jennifer Zimmerman thinks so!

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Zimmerman - who actually is married and not looking - has come up with some great advice for her single friends: Look to Wawa!

Jennifer posted on Facebook some advice that she graciously allowed us to share here:

"If you're single and looking to mingle may I suggest scoping out your next Boo at your local Wawa coffee bar.

1. You'll know whether or not they're employed.
2. Coffee choices and how they make said choice is key.
3. You can tell if they are messy and if they clean up after themselves.
4. If they have manners/ Social skills.
5. If they have patience.
6. If they are a morning person or not.
7. Sometimes you'll even know their hobbies and health status."
She's right on the money, correct? You can learn a lot about people by just watching them in their native habitat. See how they carry themselves and treat other people in their own little Wawa world!
Heck, you might know what you need just by seeing them walk into the Wawa! Would you want to spend your whole life with someone that didn't hold the door open for you? Or, God forbid, didn't give you a "Thank you" when you held the door open for them?
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Did they use the rest of the creamer, but didn't throw it away? I'll bet they'll do the same thing at home.
If they cut in front of you at Wawa, they'll surely want to come first everywhere else! If they can't be nice at Wawa, will they be nice anywhere?
Jennifer knows her stuff by the way. She says, "I work PT as a one-on-one support person for a gentleman with Down syndrome. He works at Wawa at the coffee bar. So, I observe everything while I'm there with him. The thought came to me how much I know about these strangers just by them getting their coffee every day."
Jennifer, thanks for sharing your tips with the rest of the world.
Did you meet your "special someone" at Wawa? Let us know! Email


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