Over 200 emojis will be coming to a text keyboard near you this fall with the Emoji 12.0 release.

There will be a total of 230 new emojis according to a report by PCMag.com. They will continue to expand their collection of emojis to be more inclusive. For example, this release will bring gender inclusive couples. They will have various couples represented holding hands: a man and woman, a gender neutral couple, man and man, and woman and woman. These couple emojis will offer more representation with the various skin tones and hair colors to include all couples, races, and interracial couples.

Later this year, they will also introduce emojis of people in wheel chairs, a person using a probing cane, a deaf person using sign language, and an ear with a hearing aid.

Other new emojis include a sloth, a waffle with butter, a white and brown heart, a juice box, a planet with rings, a yo-yo, a blood drop, a yawning face, a sari, a ballet shoe, a banjo, a skunk and more.

I saw online that one new emoji is getting a bit of attention before it being officially released. It's the pinching hand emoji. Some were saying it looks like someone is describing the underwhelming measurement of something. You can use your imagination.

Read more about the new emoji release here and see all the new emojis in the video below

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