You got to check out this home in Bucks county that is currently up for sale. It may just look like an ordinary old house. However, this particular home is the oldest house on the market in the entire country. It was built in 1950. Before my parents were even born! But even though its extremely old, it has been renovated and looks as good as new on the inside.

So this small brick house is located in New Hope, and is honestly a super cute spot to have a wedding. I don't know why, but the minute I saw this place I envisioned a quaint, small wedding taking place. The house sits on many acres and the landscaping is beautiful. There is even a pond in the backyard with a running creek, according to Patch.

According to Patch, this house has 4 bedrooms, 3 and a half bathrooms and is up for sale for $1,495,000. Like I said everything is brand new so it won't feel like it's a house that was born before you great aunt. According to Patch, the house has new windows, new appliances, and even a brand new roof!

Even if you aren't looking to purchase a new home right now, this house is worth a drive by. It's located at  2730 Creamery Rd if you and the family just want to go by and admire its beauty plus the fact that it is making history right now.

Check out for more information. To see more photos of this beautiful home, click here.


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