Food delivery is one upside to the COVID-19 crisis, as all our favorite fast food stops are bringing their delicious eats to the front door. Special deals and free delivery have been stacking up the calls for these savory and sweet treats. With quarantine continuing it has been interesting to see what the most popular dish for order has been throughout the United States. Each state or city has its specialty or fan favorite that has people ordering up their dish.

For New Jersey the number one pick from Uber Eats was the classic chicken sandwich. Whether from Popeyes or Chick-fil-A, New Jerseyans can’t get enough of the crunchy, scrumptious sandwich.

According to the Daily Meal, not too different from New Jersey’s top pick, is Philadelphia’s main choice. The chicken sandwiches off the Love & Honey menu, which are made from scratch with buttermilk fried breast, pickles, ranch and more, have been the hot topic for orders. This isn’t hard to understand, as Love & Honey offers sizable portions and options for dessert.

It seems these neighboring areas have similar quarantine tastes.

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