It's almost time for Christmas dinner! Next to opening presents on Christmas morning, dinner time is hands-down one of the best parts about Christmas Day!

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When you think about Christmas dinner, what are the dishes that come to mind?

Ham? Turkey? Stuffing? Casserole? Pumpkin pie?

Christmas baked ham, served on the old plate.
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All of them are delicious, but wait until you hear what New Jersey's favorite Christmas dish is for 2023!

Food Fire + Knives, an online source dedicated to food and chefs, did some research for their 2023 list of The Most Popular Christmas Dish in Every State. They analyzed search term volumes and Google Trends to narrow down what dish each state was interested in the most.

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey
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So what's the most popular Christmas dish in New Jersey this year?

Creamed Spinach

Not what you were expecting? Here's what Food Fire + Knives said about this result:

"New Jersey is home to a vibrant immigrant population with Southeast Asian cultures heavily favoring spinach-based dishes. Additionally, people in NJ and NY are aggressively turning to health-conscious options like spinach and kale."

Although creamed spinach is definitely not the centerpiece of your dining room table when the family gathers for Christmas dinner, but you have to admit - When done right, creamed spinach is pretty tasty.

But better than stuffing? Mashed potatoes? Christmas ham? This could be debated.

What's YOUR favorite Christmas dish? Let us know in the comments!


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