The Cherry Hill Mall Cinnabon has been picked to test out a new product, according to Two other malls in New Jersey have been picked for the test too.

The new product being tested is called "Choco BonBites." They will make their big debut this Wednesday, March 11th, and be around through the end of the month.  They sound so good, but, what are they like? The article says they have a "classic Cinnabon dough base, layers of chocolate and chocolate cream cheese frosting." Oh my. Yum. I may be headed to Cherry Hill Mall soon.

It's so cool to finally be so close to a test market. I read about these "tests" all the time, especially at Chick-fil-A, and they always say the new product is being tested in the south, or somewhere else not even close to here, right? Lol.

Like I said, there are two other malls in New Jersey as part of this test....Deptford Mall, which isn't that far from Cherry Hill Mall, and The Mills at Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth. There are only eight malls in the whole county participating in this test.

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