We are VERY excited to announce the winner of our FAVORITE hairstylist contest... and it's: Claudine from Bijou Salon in Robbinsville (Mercer County).

Claudine launched Bijou Salon in 2008 with the help of her husband, Pasquale. Their say they've created a "fun, inspiring, and most importantly, a team atmosphere" at Bijou.  Education is at the forefront of Claudine's passions for styling so it's no wonder why she is so well-loved by her peers and the community. Way to go, Claudine!

Congratulations to Claudine and all of our hairstylists who were nominated -- especially to the very talented stylists who made it to the top 25 in our poll. We had more than 20,000 votes in total and the top 5 were separated by only a couple of votes.

As salons reopen in the coming weeks across our area (pending local guidelines), we're excited to reunite with our beloved stylists in the "new normal." After all, there's nothing quite like a pandemic and MONTHS without professional hairstyling to teach us how much we missed them.

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