I think we can all agree Amazon is an online shopping giant. It definitely has its fans.

Before you say I should be shopping local, I do, all the time. I am a huge supporter of local businesses, but there are times when I love the convenience and speedy delivery of Amazon when I need something in a hurry.

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It's so simple to purchase just about anything from Amazon like clothes, groceries, pet products, electronics, games, books, toys, baby stuff, auto stuff, office supplies, sports equipment, medical supplies, things you can find in a pharmacy and so much more. the choices seem endless.

I have to control myself when Amazon shopping because it's way too easy to "Add to Cart" and run up my credit card bill. Yikes.

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One of my favorite things about Amazon though, is how easy it is to return things.

If I buy any clothes, especially special occasion dresses, I like to order a few sizes because we all know different brands fit differently.

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After trying them all on, I'll just return the sizes that don't fit. Easy peasy as they say.

There are Amazon drop-off locations all over in Whole Foods Markets, Staples, Kohl's stores and more.

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You start the return in the Amazon app or online in your Amazon account and pick where you'll return the item, which for me is Whole Foods in most cases. You'll get a QR code to show when you go to the drop-off spot.

I always joke with my husband that I barely have to slow down when I return things at Whole Foods. There are very efficient people at the Amazon Return Counter who are ready to scan the QR code of the item you're returning.

They'll scan it, grab the item from you, and you're on your way....super fast (unless there are people in front of you in line). Usually, by the time I get back to my car I have an email from Amazon acknowledging the return and refunding me.

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Credit: Getty Images

What can't you return to Amazon?

While returning most items is easy, there are some items that you can't return to Amazon.

You can't return live insects to Amazon

You can't return live insects. I have to admit, I didn't even know Amazon sold live insects.

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You can order insect like crickets to feed your lizard or lady bugs, caterpillars or butterflies. But, once you order, they're yours.

Hazardous materials cannot be returned to Amazon


Hold onto any hazardous materials because they cannot be returned to Amazon. Some are flammable, making them a risk, like some nail polishes or hairsprays.

Amazon will not take back fresh flowers or live plants

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Fresh flowers and live plants can't be returned, but in some cases you can get a refund.

You can't return prescription medications to Amazon

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Although Amazon may save you money on prescription medications you cannot return them, so make sure you need the amount you're ordering.

Gift cards can't be returned to Amazon

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You can buy gift cards on Amazon from different vendors, but make sure you order carefully because they can't be returned.

Customized gifts can't be returned to Amazon


Gifts are returnable until they are personalized (clothing, jewelry, etc.), so be sure of what you're ordering before you complete your order. If the customization by a third-party seller is wrong, you're protected by Amazon, but other than that, you can't return it.

For more details on things you can't return to Amazon, click here.

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