Many businesses unfortunately have struggled to get new employees since restrictions have been lifted in the state of New Jersey. We've all noticed that many businesses are giving some really good incentives in order to encourage people to apply.

According to, the old theme park in Clementon, New Jersey is looking to finally reopen, and with that being said the theme park needs new employees. If you are asking are they going to give an incentive to work at Clementon Park and Splashworld, the answer is yes.

We learned from the Clementon Park and Splashworld are looking to pay the new employees $18 an hour. Not only that but the new hire has a chance to get up to a $500 hiring bonus. That is a great way for your teen to get a good amount of money. made it known that employees at Clementon Park and Splashworld will be able to get the $500 hiring bonus if they complete "120 hours worked by July 9."

I remember my first job being Universal Studios Hollywood and my pay was only a little over $7. So making $18 is solid pay if you ask me.

If you are interested in working there or trying to get a job for your kids, it was mentioned on that Clementon Park and Splashworld is hiring for "lifeguards, ride operators, security guards and other jobs."

On it was shared that the park will reopen its door after being closed since September of 2019 when a Chicago investor purchased it for $2.6 million.

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