It’s officially graduation season in New Jersey and everyone is moving on to super exciting times in their life!

Have you ever thought about what are the most common careers and degrees that you’ll find in New Jersey? Stacker just made a list of the most common undergraduate degrees awarded in New Jersey and I’m curious to know if anyone is shocked by this information!

About 14 years ago, the 3 most common degrees were in business, health programs, and social sciences. Has it really changed that much over the years? Stacker is reporting that the top 25 most common degrees in the state of New Jersey range anywhere from computer science to English literature to finance.



New Jersey is full of colleges that have a wide variety of undergraduate programs for college students to enroll in, which I think plays a huge part in the wide range of degrees.

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The third most common degree for New Jersey students as of 2023 is Liberal Arts and Sciences. In the entire state, there were 10,706 students who graduated with a degree that fell into this category.

Next on the list, coming in second place on the list is Registered Nursing or Nursing Administration. A total of 15,459 students received this degree in the state of New Jersey.

Coming in at the top spot for the most common undergraduate degree for 2023 in New Jersey was Business Administration, Management, and Operations. There were a total of 19,273 undergraduate students that fell under this category in 2023, according to

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