If you weren't listening to Chris and The Crew this morning, I have a little update for you. I graduated college yesterday from Rowan Univerity in Glassboro, NJ and during the ceremony, there were talks about a potential celebrity spotting.

Someone who was in the audience thought that they spotted rapper J Cole in the audience at the graduation, but it wasn’t confirmed at the time. A picture was circulating during the ceremony that myself and the people around me were staring at to see if it was actually him.

Turns out, it was actually J Cole in the flesh! He’s a singer, songwriting, and rapper who is known for his hits like “She Knows” and “No Role Modelz”, which you’ve probably heard both trending on TikTok.

It turns out that he was there to surprise one of the Rowan graduates, Cierra, on her special day! Cierra has been a fan of J Cole for years apparently because back in 2013 she had direct messaged the rapper and he responded with the following.

It’s crazy that after 9 years he still kept his promise and came all the way to south jersey to support her! Rowan posted on their Instagram confirming that it was indeed the rapper himself and no, they had no idea he was coming.

A few of my friends work at Playa Bowls that are right on campus and got this video of him while going out for a quick smoothie bowl before heading out of Glassboro.

It shows a lot about the person J Cole really is for keeping this 9 year-long promise to one of his super dedicated fans. Also, it was super cool that I got to be there while it happened!

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