If you’re running a little behind with your Christmas decorations this year and haven’t found time to go out and get your Christmas tree, you for sure have to stop at this one Christmas tree farm. Christmas tree farms are one of those things where families usually have their favorite in the area and you go to them year after year after year.

If you’re thinking of changing up your Christmas tree situation a little this year, there’s a new farm in The Garden State that you have to at least check out and consider buying from before you head out to your go-to farm.

Where Can You Buy Colored Christmas Trees in New Jersey?

Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm is located in Belvidere, New Jersey and according to NJ Digest they “put a colorful twist on tradition”.

This tree farm has colored Christmas trees that are completely real and that will make everyone who steps foot in your house jealous of your super unique Christmas tree.

There are pictures on their website and socials of, of course, your classic green pine trees and other colored Christmas trees they have grown right on their farm. By looking at their website, you can see various colored trees when shopping on their farm.

It looks like you can choose from pink, purple, dark blue, light blue, turquoise, magenta, red, black, or white via Wyckoff’s website. If you’re looking for something to spice up your Christmas decor this year, this is for sure the place to go and check out.

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