Memorial Day Weekend is almost here. You know what that means in New Jersey, right? The unofficial kickoff of summer. Yippee.

Get ready for warmer weather, dips in the pool, parades, the beach, the boardwalk, mini golf, grilling, oh, and bugs. Yuck.

Mosquito on human hand

Yup, it also means the start of mosquito bite season. Ughhh.

There's nothing worse than hanging out at a BBQ, or by your friend's pool, enjoying great food, drinks, and the next thing you know you're in bed and can't stop scratching the red welts all over your body courtesy of pesky mosquitos.


I've heard so many suggestions on how to stop the itch of these bites.

My friends have told me to put crest toothpaste on them, rub ice on them, dab them with Calamine lotion (which is used to relieve poison ivy spots), and put pressure on them.

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None of them work.

Have you heard the trick about walking around with a dryer sheet in your pocket?

Put dryer sheet into a dryer

That's supposed to get mosquitos away. Does it work?  I haven't tried it yet.

I just read on Outbreak News Today that there are certain colors you should stop wearing if you want to keep mosquitos away from you.

Scientists at the University of Washington say there are colors that mosquitos will fly directly towards. Crazy, right?

The 4 colors that attract mosquitos

Yeah, you need to stay away from these colors in your summer wardrobe unless you don't mind mosquito bites (said no one ever).

The first color is RED.

Red satin

The second color is BLACK.

background texture of rough asphalt

The third color is CYAN.


The 4th color is ORANGE.

Painted Color Background, Abstract Orange Paint Texture

You heard it here. Avoid wearing those colors so you don't get what feels like a million mosquito bites.

Done. I'm ordering new clothes today.

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