How exciting. I just saw on Facebook that there was a star sighting in Princeton over the weekend.

Check it out. Look familiar? That's comedian and former late night TV host, Conan O'Brien. He apparently stopped into the popular coffee & sweets shop in Palmer Square, Chez Alice, for some treats. While he was there, he was kind enough to pose for some pictures, leaving the shop's owner (Elka) smiling

Hmmm... so what was O'Brien doing in town?

Conan's late night TV show on TBS just wrapped after an 11 season run, so he has some time on his hands.

Is he working on a new project of some kind in our area?

He doesn't have family ties in town. He was born and raised in Brookline, Massachusetts. He went to Harvard University, not Princeton.

Well, rumor has it that he was visiting his daughter at Princeton University. O'Brien's daughter, Neve, was born in October of 2003, making her 17 years old right now.  Hmmm...regular classes aren't in session right now. So maybe it was for summer classes or a college tour? Whatever the reason, it was great to see him in town.

Chez Alice has some of the most delicious food, coffee, and baked goods....custom cakes too. So maybe I'll stop by soon to get more details on Conan's visit.

You know how star struck I get.

Chez Alice is located at 5 Palmer Square, in downtown Princeton.

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