Coronavirus is one thing that has everyone in a panic at the moment. People are being quarantined after going to certain countries. It has recently been reported by multiple news outlets that the virus has made its way to the states.

It was planned a long time ago that the Pennsbury High School marching band would make their way to Shanghai Disney Resort but with all of the coronavirus talks the school has decided to make the trip elsewhere. recently reported that the Pennsbury High School marching band will be heading to France instead.

According to, 140 students will be heading to France for the big trip. To keep all of the students safe the marching band is changing their destination due to the fact that China is the country with the biggest coronavirus issues. Disneyland Paris for sure is a better option due to the circumstances.

The marching band's co-director, Frank Mazzeo, told, "I want everyone to know that ... we would never put the kids in harms way."

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