Snow days COULD become a thing of the past for local students. So we were wondering, how do you feel about the possibility that snow days could disappear from school calendars?

We're still a few months away from winter, but the question was raised in recent weeks. Back in July, Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill that allows Pennsylvania schools to force students to work from home during a snow day as a "flexible instructional day," and other outlets reported.

School districts would need to have their plans approved by the state, but essentially, students could use computers and iPads to continue their instruction on those days. By the way, it's not clear how, but they will also be required to offer solutions for students and employees who don't have access to technology or the internet, according to published reports. 

As of now, we have not heard of any local school districts being approved for this plan.

We're wondering, however, should the program come to schools in our area? Last winter wasn't bad at all, and it seemed like there weren't too many snow days, but two years ago was a very different story.

Morning Commute In New York Hampered After Major Snowstorm
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Schools across New Jersey and Pennsylvania were forced to close quite a few times that year, and it delayed the end of the school year. Remember how much snow fell in March 2017? It was insane. So there's definitely a case to be made about how it affects the school calendar.

So is it a good idea if schools districts in our area followed suit? After all, what else would kids have to look forward to if it snows? Maybe they’ll stop wearing their pajamas inside out rooting for a snow day.

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