Great news, the ever so convenient Curbside Pickup at Chick fil A in Hamilton Marketplace is back, according to an email I received from the company.

About 2 weeks ago, my daughter went to order her usual nuggets and waffle fries, and said, "Mom, it won't let me choose Curbside Pickup." Hmmm. I told her to try it still didn't show up as a choice. So weird. I told her to power down her phone, to see if it was some kind of a gliche...nope. It let her place the order, but, the Curbside Pickup option was gone. I told her to just place the order and we would head to Hamilton Marketplace and ask the workers what was going on. I was sure it was a mistake, and we'd still be able to pick up our order, curbside.

When we arrived, the worker directing traffic told us Curbside Pickup was temporarily unavailable. What? Why?  He didn't offer any other information, and directed us to the very long drive thru line. I was so bummed. The Curbside Pickup was always so efficient. I haven't been back since. But, I knew I couldn't stay away forever.

I was so happy to get an email yesterday that read, "You asked and we listened. After testing a Drive-Thru only service model for 3 weeks to see what was the most effective and quickest way to serve you, we have decided to resume Curbside ordering effective Saturday, January 30, 2020. We are thankful for your patience and your feedback as we will continually seek to find the best ways to serve you. If you haven't tried our curbside ordering in the past, just order ahead through your Chick-fil-A App, choose curbside delivery and when you arrive, let us know what spot you are in. Take care, stay safe, and we look forward to serving you soon."

Yeeessss. It's back.

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