The earth for an escaped convicted murderer took a new turn overnight sending fear through the Philadelphia suburbs.

Monday night's search for the escaped murderer involved shots being fired and the suspect obtaining a rifle, police say.

They say that Danelo Cavalcante is now armed and believed to be in the Northern Chester County town of South Coventry Township, the Pennsylvania State Police confirmed in a statement overnight. Residents are urged to lock their doors and remain inside.

Sometime around 9:30 pm on Monday, a homeowner on Coventryville Road fired shots at someone who matched the escaped convict's description, multiple outlets including 6 ABC's Annie McCormick and FOX 29's Chris O'Connell reported overnight.

Police do not know if the suspect was hit by the bullet, but they say he now has a .22 rifle. A source told the Philadelphia Inquirer that they believe Cavalcante stole the rifle from the home.

Additionally, multiple outlets (including the Philadelphia Inquirer and 6 ABC) report that a green sweatshirt matching the one that they believe Cavalcante was wearing was found outside of the home on Conventryville Road. 

Out of an abundance of caution, some schools in the area closed on Tuesday, as the manhunt enters its 13th day following his brazen escape from a Chester County Prison on August 31.

If spotted, officials remind the public that he is extremely dangerous and he should not be approached. Instead, you're reminded to call 911 immediately.

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