A dangerous murderer is still on the loose in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The extensive manhunt for the elusive prison escapee, Danelo Cavalcante, has now entered its second week.

Chester County District Attorney
Chester County District Attorney
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On Wednesday, officials released a surveillance camera video showing how Cavalcante escaped the Chester County prison last Thursday. He "crab-walked" up a wall and onto the roof, where he was somehow able to escape without detection.

If you haven't seen the video, it's shocking! Just a glimpse of how slippery this guy is. Check it out down below:

Here's some of what we know about Danelo Cavalcante

The manhunt hysteria has sparked a wave of reaction videos on TikTok, many of them coming from locals in the West Chester area, where he's been spotted. It's interesting and chilling to get a glimpse of just how one man is affecting people's everyday lives.

After not being able to visit Longwood Gardens since Cavalcante was spotted on the grounds, this guy summed up the local paranoia pretty nicely, but WARNING: *This video has a ton of profanity*

He's forced local school districts to take their classes via Zoom until he's no longer a threat in the area:

He was in this woman's BACKYARD!

Boyfriends are risking their lives just to come visit their girlfriends!

Just taking a drive in general is stressful.

All jokes aside, this convicted killer is extremely dangerous, and Chester County officials continue to warn residents to be extra cautious. Lock your cars. Lock your doors. And contact law enforcement immediately if you see anything suspicious.

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