Deena Cortese, one of the MTV Jersey Shore family, just announced on Twitter that she's having another baby. The family is growing.

Another "meatball" is on the way That will never get old (Snooki and Deena are referred to as the "meatballs" of the bunch). Lol. Although, to be an official Jersey Shore meatball, I guess you would have to be female. No word on the sex of this baby, yet. Deena and her cutie hubby, Chris Buckner, already have a son (Christopher John "CJ" was born January 5th, 2019).

Deena's due in May. Her tweet was super cute saying, "We’re so excited to announce we’re expecting Baby Buckner #2 May 1, 2021. Our hearts are filled with so much love and joy! CJ is going to be the best big brother ever!!! Sooo for everyone that was asking YES YES YES ..I’m pregnant." Awww...I'm so happy for them.

Some of Deena's Jersey Shore family didn't waste any time congratulating her. Snooki replied to the baby announcement, "So excited for you." JWoww wrote, "Best News," while The Situation left her a red heart. I'm still waiting for The Situation and his wife, Lauren to make their own baby announcement.

The new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, "Jersey Shore "Bring the Family" Vacation, kicks off again on November 19th. This time around, the gang, minus Snooki, will be taking over an entire resort.

Yes, I will be watching. I have no problem admitting that they all still crack me up, and more laughs are exactly what I need in 2020.

Congratulations Deena, Chris, and little CJ.


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