If you’re from New Jersey, you either loved or hated MTV for creating Jersey Shore.

About 10 years ago, Jersey Shore was one of the biggest shows on TV and totally shaped the way we remember the 2009 - 2012 era.


Cheetah print, hair poofs, and tequila shots were all about to potentially make a comeback to another Jersey Shore town, but now it’s shut down for good.

There were a lot of talks about bringing the concept of Jersey Shore back and the production for Jersey Shore 2.0 was in the works in Atlantic City, NJ.

Apparently, the entire shore house had already been set up with cameras, lighting, and even a security guard on standby, but it was just reported that production came to a sudden stop.


We know when the rumors started about this show happening, the original cast of Jersey Shore wasn’t too happy about it.

They took to social media a month or so back and posted about how they paved the way for reality shows of this kind and they worried really hard to put their most vulnerable moments on TV for everyone to enjoy.

Nobody is sure the exact reason why production has come to a pause, but it seems as though there are rumors that there were issues with the cast.

TMZ reported that someone connected to the show spoke out and said that it was either because the cast “didn’t vibe” or there was a behavioral issue.

As of now, the show production has been “paused” and there’s no talk about when things will get rolling again in Atlantic City, NJ.

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