While Walt Disney World has resumed operations after an extended closure during the (ongoing) coronavirus pandemic, not all of its properties have reopened. One of its most famous hotels, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, is still closed — and Disney announced today it would not reopen again until next summer at the earliest.

The extended closure is not necessarily caused by the (ongoing) pandemic, though. The company will use the time to complete an extensive refurbishment to the hotel’s Great Ceremonial House and rooms in order to theme them to the recent Disney hit Moana.

A spokesman confirmed to the news to the Orlando Sentinel:

A Disney World spokeswoman on Monday said changes to the rooms will include a move to a Pacific Ocean-inspired color palette as well as details, patterns and textures from Disney’s “Moana,” an animated film that takes place on the Polynesian island of Motunui.

Given the Polynesian Village’s existing theme, and Moana’s enormous popularity, combining the two makes a ton of sense. The film is also in the process of getting its first theme park attraction, Journey of Water, which is under construction at Epcot in Walt Disney World and is expected to open around the same time as this new Polynesian Village. Our thoughts go out to all the parents out there whose children will be desperate to not only visit the Moana area at Epcot, but also to stay in a Moana room at the Polynesian Village. Your bank accounts have our sympathies.

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