Since the earthquakes in Puerto Rico over the past month, the heartbreaking reality is that many dogs have been displaced. But, there's hope, according to News 12 New Jersey. Forty of those dogs have arrived in New Jersey safe and sound, hoping to find new families.

These displaced dogs took the 2,000 mile journey to New Jersey after being lost or abandoned in the areas affected by the earthquakes, where there is widespread damage to buildings and homes.

According to the Sato Project, there are almost a half million stray dogs in Puerto Rico, and the shelters there have a 90% kill rate. Awful. So, as part of the partnering of the Sato Project and Wings of Rescue, the orphaned dogs are brought here, to New Jersey, with hopes of adoption.

The 40 dogs that just arrived are being examined and should be ready for adoption in about a week or so. Check out St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison...that's where a lot of the dogs will be.



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