Unfortunately, Puerto Rico has gone through a few natural disasters in the last few years. Thankfully they recovered a little from hurricane Maria and now, unfortunately, the earthquake hit and it hurt many people on the island. Not only did it hurt the people but it also hurts animals in Puerto Rico.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that 100 animals are being evacuated from the island by a local shelter. 30 dogs out of the 100 will be coming to Philadelphia.

The dogs coming from the Caribbean island will be arriving at Brandywine Valley SPCA this weekend, according to Inquirer.com. Brandywine Valley SPCA is located in West Chester, Pa.

It was reported by the Inquirer.com that most of the dogs are coming from Puerto Rican animal shelters that are extremely low on food and water due to the earthquake in early January.

Puerto Rico was hit with a 5.2 magnitude earthquake earlier this month. This earthquake destroyed over 500 homes and caused over $100 million in damages, according to Local10.com.


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