There’s a new trend that I totally don’t think everyone should be on right now and it’s honestly a little scary!

A TikTok of a “brilliant” way to get rid of a bee hive or a wasp nest by your house went viral and now everyone is trying it. Although it does seem to work for most people, I seriously don’t recommend trying this out at your New Jersey home.

If you go down a wormhole of watching this “hack”, which is terrifying by the way, you’ll see a ton of people doing it flawlessly. Everyone is putting gasoline in a glass cup or a vase and you quickly place it over a hornet or wasp nest.


The gasoline lures the unwanted pests out of their hiding spots and they drop into the gasoline, therefore solving your problem. When you see these videos and they go flawlessly, it’s easy to want to try it if you’re having this problem in the summer at your home.

However, I feel like not enough people are seeing the TikToks that have gone wrong. I saw a few videos where the wasps break free from the glass and it turns into a video of people running away from angry hornets and wasps.

I can’t lie, when I first saw this video, I thought it was genius. It traps the bugs inside a thick, glass vase and then they die instantly. But, after seeing the ways this “hack” could go wrong, I’d say it’s best not to try this. Not only could you get stung, but gasoline is super flammable and the fumes can be hazardous.

Gas can also melt certain containers so if you end up using the wrong type of cup, you could be in a bigger mess than you originally were with a hornet or wasp nest on your porch.

Overall, don’t try this or if you ignore anything I’ve said, just be careful because the videos for sure make this look plan look flawless.

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