Today is a national holiday we all need to sit down and celebrate today in style. September 28 is National Drink A Beer day, and what a perfect holiday to land on a Wednesday!

Whether you knew it or not, every September 28th is “National Drink A Beer Day” and everyone is encouraged to celebrate! After getting home from a long day at work in the middle of the week, you’re totally going to want to relax and drink an iced cold beer (you can have a cocktail too, I won’t tell anyone).

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Living in Mercer County, NJ, there are plenty of restaurants and bars where you can make your way out to celebrate this exciting holiday. Anywhere from Robbinsville to Ewing, there are dozens of stops you could make to enjoy the holiday today.


With that being said, there is plenty of places that have amazing happy hour specials that you may not have even known existed! You can either head down to your go-to spot for a quick drink, or check out a new place! It’s so important to make your way out and support these local businesses too.

So don’t even bother cooking on a night like tonight. Get the family together, order your favorite apps and dig into those happy hour specials.

So round up your family and friends, or just go alone, to these Mercer County, New Jersey bars and restaurants in honor of “National Drink A Beer Day”! Also, always remember to drink responsibly!

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