Holidays have flown past as families are still stuck in their homes away from others amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Different types of celebrations have come up like virtual parties, signs in windows and driving by loved ones and friends’ houses.

With Earth Day’s 50th anniversary coming on April 22, the question of how to now help the environment is also taking a virtual spin. Instead of filling parks, stadiums, colleges and other arenas people dedicated to promoting environmental protection are all rallying from home, online.

Participation in powerful movements associated with Earth Day are still very much possible from a safe, virtual platform. Protests are going virtual, posters are being made and shared on social media to spread awareness, virtual presentations are being held by students, schools and leaders. According to USA Today, all of these initiatives are possible while safely listening to social distancing precautions.

Creating a game or project for children to learn more about the environment or taking part in online trivia are all ways to keep this day special.

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