Hungry? Head on over to Jersey Mike's Subs today and help Special Olympics.

If you haven't heard, News 12 New Jersey is reporting that today, Wednesday, March 30th is a "Day of Giving." The sandwich chain, with many local shops, does this every year with this year's money going to Special Olympics USA.

All Jersey Mike's Sub Shops across the country are participating in this wonderful fundraiser. It's so easy to help. All you have to do is eat. Lol. Jersey Mike's Subs will donate 100% of the profits today to help make dreams come true this summer as Special Olympics athletes from all over compete in Orlando at the Special Olympics Nationals...Jersey Mike's Subs is also a sponsor of this event.

Last year, Jersey Mike's Subs was able to donate $15 million and they're hoping to beat that number this year. The Day of Giving has been going on for 12 years now and has raised $47 million so far. Wow. This is amazing.

Jersey Mike's Vice President, Caroline Jones says in the article, "We prepare for this all year long, all month long. Today is our day, 100% of sales from every single Jersey Mike's goes to USA Special Olympics games."

That answers your question, "Is my local Jersey Mike's participating?" Yes, it is.

I know where we're going for dinner tonight. You should too. They have cold and hot sandwiches, and more. Check out the menu here.

There are Jersey Mike's Subs locations in Ewing (Campus Town at TCNJ), Hamilton, West Windsor, Cinnaminson, Freehold, New Hope PA, and more. Click here to find one near you.

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