Don't worry, It's only a drill.

I saw on the Mercer County facebook page that the Mercer County Correction Center's Emergency Response Team will be conducting a large training activity today near the Mercer County Correction Center on Route 29 in Hopewell.

So if you're driving in that area today and notice a lot of unusual activity, you'll know why.

They'll be doing a drill with the New Jersey Department of Corrections' Special Operation K-9 Unit. Officials will be practicing how to search for and capture an escaped inmate.

Yikes, that sounds scary, doesn't it? Let's hope it never happens for real, but, it's a good thing to practice, I guess.

I tend to forget that there are corrections facilities and prisons very close to us in Mercer County and that any inmate that escapes could be wandering streets near me.

Ok, I'm going to stop thinking about that now. Go ahead & practice long and hard on how to search for them and recapture them. I'm all for it. Lol.

Spread the's only a drill.

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