Quarantine has proven a tough adjustment for many people and families around the world. Redefining daily activities and functions has only been part of the battle. Finding new ways to stay active and mentally sane are also tasks that take up a larger part of our lives than before in a new way. But it’s not just people who are adjusting. Pets who are at home with their at-home workers and home-schooled kids are experiencing a change of pace as well.

Perhaps at first it was all fun but with work and school schedules moved to remote platforms it may seem like there isn’t a lot of time to help keep the household pets active.

According to Edinburgh News,learning new tricks and playing games with a pet can help keep them physically and mentally active. Dog puzzle games, bubbles or a good game of hide and treat can all help. Indoor workouts are also possible by using a Stairmaster or setting up a gymnasium for the four-legged friends.

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