What’s better than seeing all of your favorite t.v. characters? Nothing! Well, to kids anyway. Except maybe there was something a little better for these kids.

One Sunday morning, many families gathered together in line as they prepared for brunch at everyone’s favorite place: Sesame Place! Families go there every now and then to dine with their favorite characters such as Ernie, Bert, Big Bird and of course Elmo. Unlike any other brunch date, this one was a little different. Around 9:45 am, many onlookers, which includes Melody Davis and her four sons, sat and watched some of the musical acts performed by the characters when something amazing happened.

One of the representatives from Sesame came on stage to tell the family that someone very, very special wanted to see them. Can you guess who that is? Well, it was Master Sergeant William Davis, otherwise known as ‘babe’ or ‘daddy.’ Sgt. Williams has been away from his family for the last six months due to be being stationed in Africa.

When Sgt. Davis walked out on stage his sons ran up to him as family and friends all took pictures of the unforgettable moment. Levvittown.com tells us that Sgt. Davis, from Quakertown, is from the Horsham Air Guard station, part of the 111th Attack Wing. The only people that didn’t know about the surprise was in fact the kids! Davis said that his wife put him up to it.

There were some difficulties about getting there on time (a delayed flight to be exact), but it’s better to be late than never! USO and Sesame Place had actually been searching for a returning veteran whose family for the description for the surprise and they have finally found their match! Congrats on returning home safely!

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