You have no idea how excited I am to be at a baseball game soon. Even if that may not actually be the case, at least I’ll have something to watch on TV. So far it is looking a little promising for Phillies fans to be a part of some games.

Phillies Nation recently shared the news that there is a chance that fans can actually see players practice and workout at the FDR Park. Taking a wild guess, with everything going on, you probably are not going to have a chance to be front row because the MLB probably does not want fans anywhere near the players. According to Phillies Nation, nothing has been mentioned on where the fans are allowed to be during the workouts.

It was also mentioned on Phillies Nation’s website that as of now the Citizens Bank Park is completely out of the subject and it is closed to the general public.

We also learned from Phillies Nation that the workouts will take place at Richie Ashburn Field I and II at the FDR Park. The downside of these workouts is that you should not go there hoping to see the big names like Bryce Harper or any of his big-name teammates.

In case you are as confused as I am of when games are starting, tomorrow July 1st is when players report for workouts and the new opening date should be July 23 or 24. According to, the end of the regular season will probably be Sept. 27 and postseason should be ending by November 1st. This all feels a little strange.

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