Well, this is the definition of "you learn something new every day."

I'm not entirely sure why, but I keep getting these adorable TikToks of people right in our area having these amazing encounters with deer right in their backyards.

Of course, when you see these beautiful animals, you want to help in any way that you can and that usually means feeding. In our area, deer are taking over it feels like. I see herds of deer everywhere I look while driving. Even though we think we're doing good by feeding them in New Jersey, is it legal to do so? I found out some laws that are actually so shocking.

Is it illegal to feed deer in New Jersey?


Actually, yes, it can be. If done incorrectly, that is. I was looking up different laws about feeding wild animals and actually, there are a ton of rules in our state about feeding wild deer. Of course, there are exceptions to feeding wild animals, overall it says feeding deer is prohibited in New Jersey.

I had absolutely no idea you could get in trouble for feeding deer or any wildlife for that matter in New Jersey! The animals are protected under the wildlife harassment laws and you could face up to $500 for subsequent offenses for feeding any wildlife in the state. 

The Municipality of Princeton, New Jersey states that "No person shall purposely or knowingly, as said terms are defined in Title 2C of the New Jersey Revised Statutes, feed wild white-tailed deer in said municipality, on lands either publicly or privately owned."

I always just thought this was a wholesome thing you'd see everyone posting on social media when a friendly herd of deer came into someone's yard. I can totally understand why it would be illegal, but had no idea! The more you know!

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