The use of Fentanyl in the city of Philadelphia is getting out of control and needs to be addressed.

The drug overdoses have spiked all over the country, but the rates are alarming in Philly alone. According to the CDC, in 2020 there were 93,331 overdoses in the country which was a record high. In Philly there were 1,214 overdoses, according to the Department of Public Health. And the scary part is that 81 percent of those fatalities were due to an overdose of fentanyl.

I really wish people would wake up to the fact that these drugs are really no joke. A majority of the time they are being laced with something harmful or deadly. It's sad that its taking the deaths of celebrities like Michael K. Williams and The Flash star Logan Williams for people to realize how serious this is.

From coast to coast, Fentanyl along with other harsh drugs are ravaging communities like what is known as "Kensington Beach" in Philly to skid row in California. Kensington Beach is an area of Kensington that got its name because of all the drug addicts who are seen lying on the payment, like people would do at the beach. It's heartbreaking to see the amount of homeless people and drug addicts on the streets walking around like zombies. Look to your right you'll see another person so coked out that they sleeping in a trash can.

According to Saycheesedigital on Instagram, the Biden administration has proposed removing penalties on drug traffickers. So that means anyone self selling fentanyl or other related substances have a better chance of getting away with their crimes without harsh punishment. This is going to hit Philly hard. There already seems to be no regulation when it comes to drugs in the city. If anything the city needs to crack down harder, not loosen up.

Now I don't think Biden or the government is necessarily to blame. Your body, your choice right? I personally think no matter what laws are put in place, addicts are going to find a way to get their drugs by any means.

So what the hell do we do?

Just spread the word!! Raise awareness! Tell your people to tell their people. Educate the young ones. If the government won't do it, we have to do it ourselves. These drug dealers don't care if you're 10 years old or 80. As long as their making their money, our lives mean NOTHING to them.

Everything is laced! Trust no one one! Watch some of these videos and maybe you'll think twice about buying from someone random off the street.





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