Sometimes you have a rough day and you need a story to make you smile, well this story about Dylan Chidick really captured my heart last week. Dylan, a teen from Jersey City who has overcome so many obstacles in his life including homelessness, got accepted into 17 colleges. When this story hit the internet last week, it gave me all the feels. He's an amazing young man who worked hard at his schoolwork despite what stood in his way.

Fast forward to this week and just yesterday, Dylan got one more acceptance letter to his 'dream school,' and it's right here in Mercer County. According to, Dylan got accepted into The College of New Jersey just yesterday, and he didn't receive a letter in the mail like everyone else, his was special. The College of New Jersey officials actually showed up at Dylan's high school in Jersey City, to tell him in person, that he had been accepted. This made the 18th college that Dylan was accepted by and that's the one he chose. Dylan said YES and will be attending The College of New Jersey after he graduates and he couldn't be more excited.

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