I saw a post on the Downtown Hightstown Facebook page that a new ice cream place was opening on Main Street in Hightstown and I had to do some investigating because I LOVE ice cream.The post said an ice cream place named Four Boys Ice Cream was coming soon, so I Googled them and got in touch. Not that I doubted the Downtown Hightstown Facebook page, but come on, it is my job to find these details out. I got an email address for Four Boys Ice Cream and reached out and they confirmed that they are in fact coming to 122 South Main Street in Hightstown and plan to open on April 1st. Their ice cream is all homemade and they will have about 30 different hard ice cream flavors to choose from. Another thing that will definitely set them apart from other ice cream places in the area is they will serve sugar free and vegan ice cream flavors too! They also will sell homemade ice cream cakes, and cookie sandwiches. YUM! They have other treats too like slushies, Italian ice, sherbert and more!

The Becker Family has an awesome story behind their ice cream shop. It's owned by the Becker family and they got started back in the 90's with an ice cream truck and now they have 5 other locations and the one in Hightstown will be their 6th location. They love to give back to the community and I'm sure that Hightstown will welcome them with open arms.

Four Boys Ice Cream
Four Boys Ice Cream

I for one am super excited that this ice cream shop is coming to Hightstown. I do not live far and I've been looking for an ice cream place that sells soft ice cream ever since we moved to the area. The closest ice cream shop is like 15 minutes away and their soft ice cream is okay, but I know there's plenty of places around me that just sell hard ice cream. I just feel like I can buy that in a store, soft ice cream is where it's at. I like a vanilla and chocolate twist with chocolate sprinkles. I will be visiting Four Boys Ice Cream and hopefully they're reading this and they make sure they have tons of chocolate sprinkles on hand for me when I come visit! I will definitely visit and wish them tons of success in Hightstown.

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