Here's another way to score FREE candy on Halloween - without having to leave your house!

Halloween is around the corner, and if every year your neighborhood is filled with costumed trick-or-treaters that blow through your whole candy stash before you can say "Hocus Pocus", help is on the way!

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GoPuff has just teamed up with M&M's to offer a deal so good it's scary! Starting at 3pm on Halloween, October 31, customers nationwide can use the app to order FREE Mars brand candies! 

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The M&M Halloween Rescue Squad will be on call, delivering your emergency stash of candy in under an hour, while supplies last!

How can I call on M&M Halloween Rescue Squad?

It's so easy! On Halloween, when your candy starts getting scarily low, visit and enter your address. If you live within a GoPuff delivery range, a fresh stash will be delivered to you within an hour. Halloween is saved!

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If you're that person who's cautious about not buying too much candy in case not all of it gets taken, this is a solid option for you to save money!

And with Halloween landing on a Tuesday this year, some candy lovers my not have the ability to go trick-or-treating. Maybe you've outgrown trick-or-treating but you still want free candy anyway! This would be a pretty cool option for you. Though it's pretty easy to score free candy around Halloween!

Do you think you may call on the rescue squad to deliver free candy?

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