Wow! I had no idea!

This actually sounds crazy.

If the question ever popped in your head if you can take a Thanksgiving meal on a flight, the answer is ... YES!

However I have questions ... Is this sanitary? Won't the food get spoiled? Does the food have to go through the scanner? Where are they going to store it, in the overhead compartment? ... I feel like this could get messy. (Sorry, I'm a germaphobe and neat freak, I think of these things.)

Who cares I guess, your family is going to have a Thanksgiving feast thanks to your carry-on contents.

But in all seriousness ... air travelers are allowed to pack a cooked turkey, pumpkin or apple pie in their carry-on. According to TSA regulations "Solid foods, like dry stuffing, fresh cranberries, turkey, bread, baked potatoes, baked goods, pies, fruits and vegetables are all through the security checkpoint in your carry-on bag."

Well alrighty then,  happy travels ... with your full blown Thanksgiving meal!

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