If you’re from Pennsylvania, you may have noticed that some of your neighbors have gotten up and left!

Especially in this day in age, lots of people are picking up their belongings and re-routing their lives and I honestly think it’s pretty amazing. Life’s short, so if you want to pack up and leave the town you’ve been living in since you were born, do it!

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Lots of Pennsylvania residents have been hopping on this trend lately and they’re been moving to one state specifically.

24/7 Wall St has reported that people from Pennsylvania have been packing up all of their things and moving to all 50 states, but are you curious about the top 5?

They may shock you.

Pennsylvania Residents Are Most Likely to Move To This U.S. State


After acquiring data over the years, 24/7 Wall St. reports that these are the top 5 states Pennsylvania residents are most likely to pack up and move to out of anywhere else in the world.

#5. California

#4. Virginia

#3. New York

#2. New Jersey

Number 1 on the list of states that Pennsylvania residents are most likely to move to is Florida! Is this shocking to anyone?

I feel like lots of people like to pick up and move to Florida in their lives no matter if they’re young or older. Everyone just loves the warm weather and constant beach days, apparently!

In this report, over 35,000 people packed up and moved from PA to Florida in 2022.

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