If you're cruising out of New Jersey, New York, Florida, or anywhere else anytime soon you'd better read this first. There's one word that you should NEVER say while onboard, according to a popular Tik Toker.

Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise is Happening Now

The New York Post is reporting Marc Sebastian just spent some time on Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise and has plenty to report, including this taboo word.

If you haven't heard of this cruise there's a lot of buzz about it. It's going all around the world, 274 nights, 11 World Wonders, 60+ countries. Wow.

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Ultimate World Cruise last 9 months

It's described by Royal Caribbean like this:

"Get ready to see the world in a whole new light - introducing the Ultimate World Cruise onboard Serenade of the Seas. You can spend 274 nights bonding with like-minded explorers over global discoveries across all seven continents. Or pick a corner of the globe and explore every inch of it on one of four Ultimate World Cruise segments - each an immersive voyage of 60+nights. Connect with countless distinct cultures, soak up the most spectacular landscapes on Earth, and marvel at World Wonders that showcase mankind's boundless imagination."

There are different legs of the cruise

There are different legs of this cruise. The Ultimate Americas Cruise is happening now, December 10th - February 11th, 36 destinations, 64 nights.

Marc Sebastian went viral begging to be put on the cruise to film everything especially the drama. He couldn't wait to experience it. He compared it to a reality show.

Sebastian got onboard in Antarctica on January 5th and spent 18 days.

There's one word you should never say on a ship

He learned a very important lesson while having lunch one afternoon. There's one word you should never ever say on a ship.


Topical Press Agency
Topical Press Agency

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. We all know how that ended. Yikes.

Sebastian said, "I brought up to an entire room of people having lunch that our ship was only 100 feet longer than the Titanic. When I tell you that - utensils dropped, waiters gasped, it's dead silent.

Read more about his adventure by clicking here.

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