I think I may have just found one of the most elite liquor stores in our area!

Of course, everyone has their go-to store to get their beer, wine, and spirits from, but this Willow Grove, PA shop is worth a try if you’re into some fun alcoholic slushies. I’ve never seen a liquor store carry a wide selection of alcoholic slushies before this one and it’s so cool!

The store is called Willow Grove Beer Store located in Willow Grove, PA and you have to check this out. They’ve been advertising them on Facebook recently and it caught my eye, of course. It’s not like they just have one Frosé machine and are calling it a day.
There are 11 different slushy machines that are running at all times with different flavors to try. They posted a post to their official Facebook page and announced they even have 4 new flavors in celebration of the new year this week.

You can go in their shop anytime and get slushies in flavors Bahama Mama, Long Island Iced Tea, Blue Raspberry, Mai Tai, Strawberry Daiquiri, Sour Green Apple, Red White and Berry, Pineapple Jalapeno, Peach Mango, Sex On The Beach and Strawberry Blast. Plus, these are not weak drinks.


Each of them ranges between 8%, like the Pineapple Jalapeno and Pesch Mango to 12% in flavors like Mai Tai and Strawberry Daiquiri. You can pick whichever flavors you want and they come in these cute to-go containers that are a gallon!

This is perfect for weekend parties or just for a fun night in alone ( I don’t judge). Willow Grove Beer Store is located at 434 Old York Road, Willow Grove, PA, 19090.

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