Let's do the time warp, again! The Rocky Horror Picture show is one of the most iconic musicals and movies of all time and if you haven't been able to see it live and get the full experience, you're seriously missing out.

A theater in Red Bank, NJ is putting on the entire experience every other Friday at Basie Center Cinemas in Red Bank. I've never been able to go and see the show put on life, but I've always wanted to because it looks like such a fun time.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a musical production that was made back in 1973 that was later transformed into a movie back in 1975. It starred celebs like Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry, and Richard O'Brien and it became one of the most well-known musicals/movies of all time.

This is so cool that a local company in New Jersey is giving residents this experience every other Friday! I can't wait to buy my tickets. The next showing is tomorrow, 2/17, but there are listings for their other shows found directly on their official website. Unfortunately, the production is rated R, so this is an adult event.


There's a disclaimer written directly on the website that states "the pre-show and the show itself contain strong language and adult/sexual themes. We do not recommend this show if you are easily offended."

The rocky horror experience is almost like a movie and plays all wrapped up in one and is such a fun way to start off the weekend. Tickets are available now on the official website.

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