Your local Pennsylvania food market, GIANT Food stores is adding a new edition to their clean up team, Marty - the robot.

These robots, all named Marty will move around on their own and will spot spills like powder, bulk food and liquid hazards, then reporting them to human employees so that they can be taken care of in the proper manner.

Yes, this means you will now see a tall, gray robot with huge eyes in the aisles.

The robots will be joining all 172 GIANT markets here in PA as well as in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. The supermarket chain believes that this will give employees more time to cater to customer needs.


According to, ""Bringing robotics and A.I. from a research lab to the sales floor has been a very exciting journey, and we were thrilled by the customer response in our pilot stores." said Nicholas Bertram, president of Giant Food Stores."

Marty should be active all stores by summer 2019.

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