How many times have you stayed home from work or school because you were sick and watched The Price is Right? Too many to count, right? Yup, me too.

Watching the popular CBS game show was the best part about being home sick. I would wait for 11am and turn it up so I wouldn't miss a thing. I would always think I could do much better than the contestants, especially when they would play all time favorite Price is Right game.

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I'm so jealous of Landale, PA resident Ben Hartranft. CBS Philadelphia is reporting that he just competed on the game show last week and won thousands of dollars. Wow.

But, he had to keep his winnings a secret since October when the show was taped. "When George called my name, I got so excited. I literally jumped out of my chair. It felt like Christmas morning, Hartranft said.

He played the "It's In The Bag" pricing game. I haven't seen that one before so I did a quick Google search and a Price is Right fan page filled me in that it's basically a matching game where you match grocery items with the prices on the bags.

Ben won $16,000. Is that great? Guess what he did with his winnings? He bought himself a new car.

Let me tell you a little more about Ben. He's an amazing guy. He was diagnosed with Autism at two years old, graduated from North Penn High School and has become an advocate for Autism awareness...kindness and inclusion for those with Autism.

He started his own business called Ben Energy One Presentation and speaks to schools and business whenever he's not working at grocery chain, wonder he was so good at the "It's in the Bag" game.

Ben is also a big fan of Ellen. He was on The Ellen Show and was gifted $10,000 for his work with Autism. Watch.

Congratulations Ben...for winning on The Price is Right AND for being an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

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